Friday, May 27, 2011

Plants Vs. Zombies: A 4 Year Old's Perspective

While mommy has a volleyball game my boys are lucky enough to spend time with their Uncle Travis.  They both love their Uncle Travis and I'm so glad that the boys get two-on-one (one-on-two?) time with him- he's great with them!  There a lot of special things that they like to play together, but one of Jack's absolute favorite things to do with Uncle Travis, besides playing Train & Tree-ctor (a tree-ctor is a Lego tractor that has Lego trees growing on it- it's really quite a sight), is playing Plants Vs. Zombies on Uncle Travis' computer.  Watching Jack "help" Travis play this game is absolutely hilarious.

Basically, the game is that zombies are attacking your house, and in order to protect your house you have to plant magic zombie-repelling plants in your front yard.  They have things like blovers (clovers) that "blow away the flying zompies" (thanks to Jack for the description), a Fume-shroom that "shoots goo that when the zompies eat it they lose their heads" and a bunch more (full list here).  Even when Uncle Travis isn't here, Jack is thinking of this game- he is constantly making up new plants and ways that they can get rid of the zombies.  He loves talking and thinking about this game, and it's hilarious to listen to him!

Here is a video of Jack talking about the plants in the game.  He came up behind me while I was searching for the full list of plants and got so excited and wanted to look at the list, so I got a movie of him talking to me about it. (I'm standing and holding the video out to the side at hip level- so that's why it looks like he keeps talking to a random spot behind him).

Here is the video that I was originally going to post here (before I got the video above). I started taking this video because I wanted to record how Jack pronounces Jalapeno (which is a plant in the game), and we just kept talking from there.  It was cute, so I wanted to share!  He just cracks me up how he's thinking so hard about the game!

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  1. Hilarious! This is so cute!
    Love, grandma