Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fire, Water, And... Wind?

On May 14th the Torrance Fire Department was having an open house!  Dave was off that day, but when I asked if he wanted to join us at our local fire station he said "I don't really want to go to a fire station on my day off!"  He had a good point, and I had to laugh at that.  So Sam, Jack and I picked up grandma and grandpa and headed over to one of the smaller stations. 

One of the firefighters on duty happened to be the same one what was on duty the day we went to the City Yard's open house the year before, and amazingly enough he remembered us- or rather, he remembered Jack- despite the fact that our trip to the City Yard was 11 months ago!  As for Jack, it was quickly apparent that he felt right at home in a fire station.  He wasted no time pointing things out and telling us what things were called and what they were used for, and making one of the firefighters help him climb up into the seats to be a "real firefighter just like my daddy!" 

We happened to be the only family there at the time, and as such we were given the undivided attention of the firefighters, which suited Jack just fine!  And, as a special treat, rather than showing us their hose demonstration, they let Jack take part in it by being the one to actually man the hose (who, I am informed, is actually called the Hose Man- imagine that)! 

He was so excited to be there, and he was absolutely hilarious!  This kid loves to tease, and he definitely has his father's sense of humor!  I should have immediately written down everything he said, but he definitely had the firefighters cracking up.  The most famous of his lines, though, is unforgettable.  Towards the end of our tour while we were checking out the station's TV room, Jack climbed into one of the lazy boy chairs while the adults were talking.  Soon, he came back over and very excitedly exclaimed "Mom!  I just tooted in the fire station!"  Of course, we all died of laughter and the firefighter who had remembered Jack said "This kid has the best lines!"  Then he knelt down to Jack and told him not to worry because he was pretty sure it wasn't the first time someone broke wind in those chairs!

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