Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bunny Ears Are Yummy!

In April I bought some smocks from a friend's Etsy shop, as they were desperately needed!  When I ordered them from her I mentioned that I'd like to take some photos of them for her Etsy shop, and she said that it would be great!  So, one late afternoon in early May while Jack was engrossed in one of his new birthday gifts, I decided that it was the perfect opportunity to take those pictures! I grabbed Sam and his smock, grabbed a chocolate bunny sucker (the easiest messy-but-non-horrific-looking food that I could find- I didn't want to turn away her customers by grossing them out!), and headed to the backyard to take some quick photos.  I ended up taking a ton, as I couldn't help taking pictures of my Sammy modeling the smock as well as the smock itself.  So, you get some new Sam pictures (as though there aren't an abundance of them on this blog anyway, right?  Ha ha!).  Enjoy!
 (Note: I am not responsible for the chocolate cravings that you may experience from looking at these pictures!)
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This is his "I think I've had enough chocolate now, but thanks mom!!" face.

Thanks so much for the smocks, Steph!!!

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  1. Of course! And why WOULDN'T I want to use such an adorable model?! :) I LOVE the last one :P