Monday, July 27, 2009

Wishing I Wasn't Posting Now

Prayers for Stellan

I was hoping and praying that I wouldn't have to make a post like this ever again, but once again I must ask you to pray for Stellan. He is not doing well at all, and as of right now he's been in STV for the last three days. He's popped out occasionally, but only to pop right back in. Stellan has touched so many hearts, and his needs prayers and healing. His is a case that is not by the books, as his type of SVT is unknown, and he doesn't respond to treatments the way he is "expected" to, or, the way doctors can usually predict their patients will respond. He's quite the difficult little case, but he is a fighter, and he's been fighting a long time.
My heart is breaking for MckMama and her family, and tears come to my eyes at just the thought of what they are going through. I can't imagine. I don't want to imagine. But I'm praying hard for a miracle. And that is what Stellan is. A miracle. There isn't any doubt about it.
The last few updates are scary. Their family is on their way to the hospital, and the doctors are trying to decide whether or not it's too late to send Stellan to Boston, where he recieved his surgery in April. Please be praying for wisdom for the doctors, for Stellan's family, and for Stellan himself. His heart needs healing, and fast. His little body has fought so hard, and he's so tired.

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