Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wild Goose Chases

On Friday I was very excited because Dave, Jack and I had plans to go to the fair! I enjoy the fair, and I knew Jack would love it! Dave isn't so much a fan of the fair, but he does enjoy doing fun things with us, and I had managed to convince him that the fair would be a fun thing to do! We started off the day with Dave getting up with Jack and letting me sleep in (score! I love it when he is home in the mornings... a rare treat!)! Unfortunately, Dave ended up having to go deal with some family issues, and we had to postpone our trip 'til Monday.

But Monday we had a playdate with Jack's friends and their mommies (my friends!), so we had to postpone our trip again. Besides, the fair ends up being closed on Mondays. No big deal, we'd go Tuesday (today) for sure!

Our plan today was to go to Jack's last swim class (sniff), and then leave from there. Dave hadn't gotten a chance to see Jack swim before, so it was great timing! He came along and got to see how much Jack has learned! And Jack did awesome at his last class, I was so proud of him :) He floated, swam under the water, and had a great time! When we left he told his teacher "Thank you for being my teacher!" since we weren't going to see her anymore.

We sing some fun songs in the class and, during this particular song, I, being incredibly buff, throw Gigantor up in the air 6 times. He is really heavy, and the water doesn't help that. But it's fun and we love it.

Floating is not his favorite part, but we count to 20 while he floats and he loves counting to 20!

Practicing jumping in. He holds his breath and I hold mine, even though he's the only one that goes under the water.

After swim class, we hopped in the car and drove the 30-40 minutes to the fairgrounds! I was excited to finally get to take Jack to the fair, and that Dave was with us, too! We exited the freeway, drove to the entrance, and...

...did you know that the fair is closed on Tuesdays, too? Yeah, we didn't either. I guess when I had Dave check to see what time the fair opens I should have also had him take a close look at what days it's open as well!

So we went to the Ruby's at South Coast Plaza for lunch (where we tipped the waiter extra, because Jack broke a bowl-oops- and he took care of it and brought us a new one before we could blink an eye!). While we were there we walked by the carousel three times, and each time we came near it Jack asked "I need to ride it, PLEASE!" He was such a good boy and didn't freak out when we walked right by it without stopping three times, so right before we left we made a special trip back to the carousel so that Jack could ride it. He had so much fun!

Nothing compared to the rides at the fair, but Jack had a great time. Because of Dave's work schedule and because I really have my heart set on him coming with us, our next chance to try to go to the fair is next Wednesday, so we'll try again then. We have until August 9th so hopefully it will work out!

And maybe we can go to IHOP, too! All week I've been having a craving for IHOP, and today Dave finally agreed that we could go there for dinner! Yay! So we got in the car and made our way to the IHOP in Hermosa...

...or, what used to be IHOP! Did you know that the Hermosa IHOP had closed down? Yeah, we didn't either. Instead of IHOP, what we found was a half-torn-down building! Bummer. Rather than drive all the way to the IHOP that we knew was still a fully functioning pancake house, we decided that Good Stuff would do, and so we traveled the hop-skip-and-a-jump (yes, that was very dorky of me to say. I'm regretting it) down to the pier. I was so excited, because I hadn't been to Good Stuff in a while, and I love that place! My dad and I used to eat breakfast there all the time when we'd get to the beach at the buttcrack of dawn to save our spots on the beach for the Volleyball tournaments, and it's been a while since we've done that. So we parked, walked down to the strand, and...

...did you know Good Stuff closes at 5? Yeah, we didn't either. No OC Fair, no IHOP, and no Good Stuff??? What a day.

So, as my hunger was now at the nuclear level, we ended up driving through at the Golden Heart-Attack (read: McDonald's... and don't tell my sister!) and heading home.

I suppose, as far as things go, we had a pretty good day. Not much worked out according to plan, but the three of us were together and there is no beating that! I love my boys :D

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