Monday, July 6, 2009

Jack's Third Fourth

The Fourth of July is one of our (by our, I mean Dave's and mine) favorite holidays! Unfortunately, it's nearly impossible for a firefighter to get that day off of work, and therefore, we've only ever gotten to spend the Fourth together once in all the years we've known each other! Quite the bummer, huh? This year was no exception, and Jack and I were left to our own devices this weekend. Fortunately, though, we have great devices, as my sister invited us over to her house to go swimming!

Jack was so excited!

We played with Uncle Scott's RC Monster Truck while we waited for Auntie Mimi to get ready to go...

And then Jack, Grandma, Auntie Mimi and I went to the pool!

This was our first time swimming with Jack's swimmies on! He was afraid of them at first, but I tricked him into putting them on and he had so much fun swimming in the pool with them!

He even allowed Mimi to let him go and he swam all by himself!

I have so many pictures of him swimming in the pool with those swimmies on! He was just having so much fun!

Amy told Jack that his swimmies looked like big muscles!

After swimming, Jack and I went home to take a nap, and then we headed back out to meet up with some friends at a secret rendezvous point to watch fireworks!

Ang and Austin and Brian were there

Jack had a blast running around on the grass... there was so much space and we and our group were the only ones there!

We had to bundle up to stay warm while we waited for the fireworks to start

And once they started, Jack was all "Ooooooooooooooh"s! Literally. After each firework, he'd yell "Ooooooooooooh!" to the point where we were certain he'd have no voice the next day! Then Ang asked him what color the fireworks were, and instead of Ooooooohing he started yelling the colors of the fireworks after each one. It was hilarious.

He loved the fireworks so much that he wasn't ready for them to be over. He kept saying "Let's turn the fireworks back on!"

I'll leave you with a video (okay, it's more of an audio since it was so dark the camera couldn't pick anything up, but technically, it's a video) of Jack's Ooooooooohing!

Happy Birthday, America!

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