Thursday, July 9, 2009

Swings, Swimming, and Sworks Storks

We've had a few busy days over here! On Monday, Jack Jack and I stopped by my mom's work to drop some stuff off for one of my customers (yes, I still sell CTMH! Contact me for a catalog!), and while we were there we took some time to play on the playground! It was really fun for the both of us. My mom works at the school that I used to attend from Kindergarten through 8th grade. I also worked there for a few years in the Day Care, so I've spent many hours playing there and watching children playing there. But I don't think I've ever had quite as much fun as I did playing there with my own child! He had so much fun playing around and I had so much fun watching him! I even put him on the Big Boy swings all by himself for the first time, and he did great! He even pumped a little bit to keep the swing going!

On Tuesday Jack and I met Ang and Austin at swim class again and had the added bonus of having Susan there! Jack was thrilled to look up from the pool and see Auntie Susan! After swim class he got to play with her for a bit, as Ang and I had to shower really quickly so that we could meet up with some friends for lunch!

We were sooooo excited for lunch! Remember my post about my Storks? We had another opportunity to meet up with a Stork friend on Tuesday! Ang and Austin, Susan, and Jack and I headed over to Ruby's, where Nicolle and Dylan were meeting us, so that we could all have lunch together with a friend from Texas! Our friend Keisha was here on a work trip/family vacation, and I was soooo excited to finally be able to meet her!

Note: The last time Keisha was out here, I wasn't "allowed" to meet her because at the time, I looked like this, and Keisha hadn't yet been verified as a non-DOM (Dirty Old Man- the Stork joke is that Storks that haven't met any other storks in person may in fact be Dirty Old Men hiding behind their computers!). As I was about to pop with Jack, Dave wasn't comfortable with me putting myself in potential (but nonexistent!) danger. His other excuse was that he didn't want me that far away in case I went into labor!

Anyway, Nicolle and Ang had met Keisha before, but for Susan and me, this was our first time! I was expecting Keisha to be super nice, and she exceeded my expectations! Keisha brought her 15 month old daughter, Isabella, her husband, Michael, and her MIL, Martha, and we took over a huge spot in Ruby's! Many Stork Meetups have taken place all across the country, but this was the biggest Stork Meetup yet! We had 5 Storks, 4 Stork-kids, and 3 Stork-kids-in-utero, as Nicolle, Keisha and I are all expecting our second child.

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