Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Kids Say Jack Says The Darnedest Cutest Things

Just a few of Jack's funniest moments ;)

Jack (to waitress): I have some crayons, please?
Waitress: Okay, wait right here and I'll bring you some!
Jack: Okay, I be patient. You bring blue and yellow crayon!

Jack (hearing a siren): Ooooh listen!
Grandma: I hear it!
Me: Do you think that is a police car, a fire truck, or an ambulance?
Jack: I think it's a siren!

Jack (at swim class): Oh, the water is cold in my armpits!

Jack: I got Biiiig muscles! I so strong!
Me: Big muscles like momma!
Jack: Momma, daddy's muscles are REALLY big. I have big muscles like Daddy!

Jack (in Grammy's backyard garden): Where the tomato go? I don't see it! It all gone!
Me: I don't see it either! What do you think happened?
Jack: It all gone! Maybe Timmy eat it! (Timmy is Grammy's cat)

Jack (after I explained to him that the TV turned off because the power went out): Oh man, that's a bummer!

Me: Okay Jack Jack, your breakfast is ready!
Jack: Oh that's waffles! Oh they soooo beauuutiful!!!

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