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Our August 2011 Nutshell

I have 11 events to blog about in August, but as I am extremely far behind with my blog (which is essentially my family scrapbook and therefore I really don't want to miss anything!), I decided that I can squish a few of the events together.  Of course, a few of the events warrant their own post, so I won't be able to squish all of August into one post, but three or four posts is much less than 10, right?  We'll see how well I can do at this squishingeventstogether thing ;)

For the first week of August, Jack spent each morning at Vacation Bible School at my mom's church (where he'd be attending preschool starting the next month).  He really enjoyed it, even though it was hard for him when his teacher, Princess, wasn't able to make it one of the days.  Luckily, my Aunt Sandra (Auntie Nana to Jack) was teaching another Pre-K class so he got to go with her.  His little OCD heart had a hard time with the transition at first, but we were blessed that Auntie Nana knows her little Jack and as soon as she found out that morning she called me so that I could start preparing him to expect something different that day.  Thank God for Nana because it worked!  He was initially upset, but since he had plenty of time to prepare for the change, he did fine!  (By the way, he has since gotten much better with little changes like that... we've been working on it and we're coming a long way!).

While Jack was at VBS, Sam and I were having a lot of fun spending time together, just the two of us!  One of the reasons I wanted to space my kids about 3 years apart was because I wanted to be able to have one-on-one time with each kid when they were little... I am so happy with that decision!  I had plenty of time with just me and Jack when he was littler, and I have plenty of time with just me and Sam now that Jack is in school... it's perfect!  The week that Jack was in VBS was our first taste of regular one-on-one time and even though both of our hearts ached with missing Jack (as we drove away that first day, Sam was grabbing at Jack's carseat and yelling "No bye bye Jack Jack!!!!" and I did not blame him one bit!), we made sure to keep each other busy!  And one of the things that we did to keep ourselves occupied was to attend a playdate with our church friends!  Our group's schedule for that week was playing in the water fountain!  I was so sad that Jack had to miss the playdate, because I know this was something he would have loved, but we sucked it up and had fun with our friends anyway!
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Jack didn't have to miss out on the fun entirely, though... we had to leave the playdate a little early in order to get back to pick him up in time from VBS.  And, since we're never ready to stop having fun, we headed to the mall for lunch and we let the boys ride the train there!  They were so excited, of course... my boys love trains!!!  I hadn't let Sam ride the train up to this point because I felt that he was too little and because I hadn't ever remembered to bring my camera and I wanted a picture of his first ride.  But, since I had my camera this time, I let him ride!  He was so cute, he was saying "ChuggachuggaCHOOCHOO!!!  All aboard!!!!" the entire time!!!!

At the end of Jack's VBS week, the kids put on a "concert" for their parents!  We were so excited about it.  We didn't stay for the concert last year after VBS since we left immediately after class for Las Vegas and my cousin's baby shower.  But this time we made sure to get to go!  Jack was a little confused... I don't think they practiced what they were going to do (besides learning the songs and hand motions) with the little kids.  But still, he did a great job.  Of course, my kid was the kid that fell at least 5 times while he was standing on the step, and at least twice took a couple kids down with him, but that was to be expected.  I mean, it's Jack!

Here are a few pictures of the concert and a video.  I had a lot of different videos but I chose to show this one because this was definitely his favorite song and when I was looking at them he said that he wanted to pick which one to show people and this was the one he chose.  You'll notice midway through the video he starts yelling and waving... he had just seen his VBS teacher, Miss Princess, and he was trying to get her attention to say "hi".  Remind me to remind him not to do that when he sings for the first time in church tomorrow!

Next is a video!  I took this video because I wanted to document Sam's 'S' sound... he had a total lisp and I wanted to make sure that I got it on video before he outgrew it!  He is 17 months old in this video.

Our next August event is definitely something huge that warrants its own post, but I'm going to include it here since I'm on a roll with the squishingeventstogether: Sammy's first haircut!!!  And oh boy did he need one!  His hair is as straight and fine as Jack's was thick and wavy, but since I was hoping that the length would encourage his hair to stop standing straight up on top, I had been delaying cutting it.  Plus, I am just unfortunately out of luck when it comes to my boys' hairs obeying me with the whole standing-straight-up-no-matter-what-I-try thing..  It was fine on top, but it was getting so long on the bottom that, in combination with the texture of his hair he was starting to look like Hulk Hogan (according to Dave, who started calling Sam "Little Hulk") and John Denver (according to my sister).  I knew it was only a matter of time before they would call him Billy Ray, so I had to do it!  We had scheduled a photographer friend to take some family portraits, which meant I had a deadline, so one night when the boys were in the tub I grabbed my scissors, forced Dave to take the camera, and started snipping away!  I did the best I could, but there will still some spots that needed to be cleaned up... still baby had a fancy new haircut!

A couple "before" pics
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"During" photos
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I don't have an official "after" photo from that night, but this was the closest I got
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My official "after" photo wasn't taken until the next day at the park!  We met up with Ang and the kids and my mom and Luke, and my mom helped me finish Sam's haircut while he sat in the swing and the other kids got to play!  Here are a couple photos from our day at the park, as well as Sam's official "after" photo.

And the "after" photo:
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Our next August event... we got a new (to us) slide!  A friend of mine posted on facebook that they were ready to get rid of their play structure and it was free to whoever could come pick it up... so I did!  I was so excited for the boys to see it.  I knew that they would love it, and I was right!  I left them home with Dave and I took my brother with me to help me pick up the structure... we snuck it into the backyard while they were eating lunch, and as soon as they were done I brought them out to see it!  They were so surprised, and they wasted no time in breaking it in!  They were all over it!
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Aaaand I made it halfway through August!  This is a good place to break up the post, since the next event is Luke's second birthday and I don't want to rush through it!  Stay tuned...


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