Friday, December 9, 2011

My First Pinterest Creation!

Near the end of July, I discovered Pinterest!  It's amazing, I love it, and I have learned so much from it!  There are so many great ideas, and since the first day that I joined and started pinning, my project list has been never ending... in the good way!  The thing about Pinterest, though, is that it is so easy to pin all of the great ideas of things that you want to do, and then never actually get around to doing them.  I wanted to make a point to DO the the fun things that I was discovering though, so I made sure to get my first project done as soon as I was able!  And my first project?  I was the most excited about the colored rice, so that was the first on my list!  And it was super easy, too!
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I had all three boys that day, so I waited until Sam and Luke were down for their naps and Jack was very excited to help me!  I did it a little differently then the instructions I had pinned said to do it, but it was basically the same thing... I didn't really measure at all.  I used ziplock bags, put enough coloring in it to touch each grain (I rolled the bag all around to make sure!), and once they were coated I put enough rubbing alcohol in them to coat each grain.  After that we poured them on cookie sheets and trays and set them out in the sun to dry... Jack was so patient!
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Jack and I played in the backyard while we waited for the sun to dry the rice... since it was a super warm day it didn't take very long at all!  Then, we dumped the rice in the tub, grabbed a few random toys from our bag of sand toys, and got ready to play!
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Jack was so excited when it was time to play!  He immediately picked up the funnel, held it up to his mouth and announced "Do do do do do DOOOOO!  Attention, everybody!  The Rice Playground is now open!"  
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Sam and Luke also had  LOT of fun with the rice playground, but I was so busy keeping the one-year-olds from eating the rice that I couldn't take any pictures.  Still, they loved it!  Since then we have done many more projects from Pinterest, and I am so glad to have found that site!!!  It can be a time-sucker, but it's so worth it!!!


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  1. Jack looks so little in these photos...he still has his baby cheeks!