Sunday, December 4, 2011

Grammy's Great Garden

This summer we had a very windy night during which Grammy's back fence blew down!  She had been planning on getting a new one since that one was so old, and of course she decided that this was the perfect opportunity to get a vinyl fence.  And, since we share an edge of our property with her, we got a new fence on one side, too!    In addition to the fence, Grammy also got a new garden box in her yard!  Every previous summer/fall (those are veggie season, right?) Jack would love to go to Grammy's backyard to "check to see if any tomatoes are ready", and as it turned out, Sam loves to check out Grammy's garden, too!  And it's even easier now that her garden is at their level!  Of course, I'm sure that their favorite part about checking on Grammy's garden is that it means they get to go see Grammy herself, but the garden is a little something extra to add to the excitement.  My boys sure do love their Grammy!


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  1. Love this post...and their great grammy too!