Monday, December 5, 2011

Zoo-ing It Again!

About 1.5 weeks after we got back from vacation and got to hung out with our Las Vegas family, they came out here on their vacation!  We were excited to get to see them again so soon, and since one of the places they wanted to go while they were out here was the LA Zoo, and since my mom and I have guest passes and could get them in for free, we joined them!  We had a really good time showing them one of our favorite places!  After lunch, Jack even got to go for a ride on my aunt's scooter (and he drove for a second, too... shhh!)!  We had a blast with them!
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Added bonus: we found the perfect boat hat for Jackson! Finally! Not he won't have to wear grandma's extra hat (which was mine from when I was a teenager).
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When we got home from the zoo we picked up our missing family members (and paused to give the babies naps, of course!) and headed over to their hotel for dinner so that we could continue our visit.  It was so fun!  Jack's favorite part was that my Uncle Mark let him jump all over the bed, Sam and Luke liked playing peek-a-boo in the cupboard under the sink (which Sam was an old pro at), and Hudson had a blast showing off his new army-crawling skills!


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