Saturday, December 3, 2011


I have a system where I rotate my boys' toys so that they constantly have fresh toys.  This summer I made a rotation and decided that at the same time, I'd clear out a bunch of the toys that my boys really don't need (even though when they see that I want to get rid of them they insist that those are the toys they've been looking for and they really really need to play with those ones).  So one day I sent my boys to my mom's house and I spent a few hours rotating toys and putting outgrown toys in boxes to go into the garage.  Of course, the clock isn't really my friend and decides that it needs to speed up whenever I get on a roll with being productive, and I had to leave the boxes of To-Get-Rid-Of toys in Jack's room when it was time to pick them up.  And when the boys got home?  Well, they of course noticed!  Probably mostly because in order to clean I had cleaned up the track that was in the middle of the room.  Immediately they begged me to build another track so, naturally,  rather than getting back to work I got down on the floor and build a great one that I hoped would keep them entertained while I finished my work in another room (since there was no way they'd let me carry those boxes of toys out of the house while they watched)!  While I was working in another room I poked my head in the hallway to look in Jack's room to check on them, and my heart melted at what I saw and heard.  These boys love each other so much, which is such a blessing!  And, in addition to that, they play together so well, also!!!  I love that they are such good friends!

Of course, I also took a shot of the boxes that I packed, since I was so proud of all the work I did!  Now if only we could get around to having a garage sale and get the boxes out of my garage!  ;) 


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