Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Style Inspired By Amy's Sunglasses

Since we've had such an unusually cold summer I hadn't really wanted to put poor little Sam, who doesn't have a lot of fat on his body to keep him warm, in the water when we went swimming.  Finally in mid-August, though, I decided that it was time for Sam to get in the pool for the first time!  Okay, so technically I had let him dip his legs in the pool when we were in Las Vegas, but since I didn't have anyone to take a picture of it I didn't count that as his first time!

At first he wasn't quite sure of it.  After his initial gasp when the water touched his toes he stared at the water like he was wondering why it was so cold- not like bathtime, which he loves!
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Finally, though, he started to splash and have fun "swimming" in the pool, so we got off the steps and joined Big Brother Jack Jack, Auntie Mimi, and Luke, who were also having a great time swimming!

Eventually, Sam got tired...

But he made sure to thank me for taking him swimming!

Thanks, mom, for taking pics for me!


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