Sunday, October 3, 2010

Shaver Lake Vacation, Part 5: Our Cabin

As I said in a previous post, we had decided 2 years earlier, the first time we brought Jack with us to the lake, that it would be better for us if we rented a cabin instead of camping.  We really enjoyed that, and we were blessed that this year we were able to get the same cabin!  It definitely made our vacation that much more enjoyable and was a lot less work than camping would have been!

The cabin was such a nice place for us... the main cabin has a loft with two 'rooms' and there is a separate guest cabin that my parents stayed in.  The guest cabin isn't attached to the main cabin, but they share the patio, and it was enough of a space for us to be there together, but still have privacy.
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On the left of this picture is the guest cabin and straight ahead (where my mom is standing) are the barn doors that lead to the patio from the main cabin.  I loved being able to have the door open to the patio and keep an eye on Jack while I was making lunches or cooking breakfast.

Every morning I'd open the barn doors onto the patio and I'd make pancakes and pack our lunches while Jack played with grandma and grandpa.  The patio was where we ate breakfast and dinner every day, and it was so nice!
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Jack really enjoyed having my parents there with us, and I really appreciated having them, too!  Jack adores them, and they had a lot of fun playing with the boys.  One of Jack's favorite things was to go "walk through the scary forest!"  Grandma and grandpa loved taking the boys for walks!

I would love to stay there again every time we go!  We aren't sure, though, if the loft aspect of the cabin is a great idea, though, since we have two small kids.  We are hoping to find a place next time that has actual rooms so that Dave and I don't have to go to bed right when the boys do in fear that we will wake them up, but that also has the extra guest space for my parents to stay "with" us.  Honestly, though, each night I was so exhausted that once I got the boys in bed I had exactly enough energy to take a shower and fall into bed myself, so I don't know how necessary those rooms will be!

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  1. This looks like so much fun...I want to go back! Love, grandma