Thursday, October 28, 2010

Beachin' It, Again!

In mid-August we had a fun playdate with some of our friends from church!  Jack was thrilled, Sam was such a good baby, and I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful beach day!

We've gotten so much use out of this little sun-shade tent thing that I bought for Sam at the beginning of the summer.  He seems to really enjoy it, too!
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Jack immediately grabbed his sand toys and began digging in the sand... he loves playing in the sand!

Luke had only recently begun walking on solid ground, and he had so much fun learning how to walk on the uneven sand!
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Austin really didn't want to go in the water, and as soon as he could get away he very adamantly signed "All Done!"
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The rest of the kids had a blast with the water, though!
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And of course, Jack still couldn't keep his feet under him!

Austin tried the water again... he was much more comfortable in the safety of his momma's arms, but he still was most definitely not a fan of the water!

He was much happier on dry land!

As I mentioned before, when we weren't down by the water Sam did great in his little tent... playing,
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and napping!

He also enjoyed sitting in my beach chair

His favorite part, though, was chilling with McKenna!

Really, I'm not kidding when I say that those two love each other.  Seriously, we're not forcing their relationship at all!  They really do love each other!  See?
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We did a pretty good job getting all the sand off before getting back in the car.  I had brought a change of clothes, and we made use of the shower, as well!  Doesn't he look like a total surfer-in-training here?
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Although... I don't think the surfers actually try to drink the shower water, though!



  1. I had to come and check out your blog after your comment on MWOP - what gorgeous pictures you have and your kids are adorable! I'm sort of glad that my husband has put his foot down about pictures of our kids being on the internet because I'm nowhere as good as you (and other mommy bloggers)!

    I hope you don't mind me dropping in from time to time!


  2. LOL, you are so sweet! Thanks so much for the compliment! Please feel free to drop by whenever you feel like it :)

  3. Every time I read your blog it makes me really miss being there! Especially now that there are so many little ones around Life...
    You are a very funny writer and have adorable boys. Thanks for sharing and telling such hilarious stories through your photos.
    Ali and Boys

  4. Aw, thanks Ali! I'm glad you enjoy my blog :) You are definitely missed down here as well! I'm so glad that I get to keep up with you by reading your blog as well :)

  5. Bec, I just came over here from our discussion on blogfrog, and oh, my, goodness-- can I just say your kids are SOOO CUTE?!

    Thank-you for your last comment. You have no idea how good it felt to have my feelings validated! I definitely felt like the underdog over there, and misunderstood. I don't need people to agree, but it felt so good to have someone at least say they could understand. So, thank-you!


  6. Thank you for the compliment on my boys, Christianne! And my last comment- my pleasure! I know how it feels to be the underdog and I love that you were so willing to open yourself to that dialogue. Thank YOU. I think "meeting" you has made me a better person, and a better Christian :)