Friday, June 18, 2010

When He Grows Up, He Wants To Be A Helicopter

Jack is such a lucky kid- he gets to do the coolest stuff! Our city has a parade for Armed Forces Day, and on the day of and the days surrounding the parade they have the vehicles for the parade on display for the kids to climb on! Jack Jack is a total boy when it comes to these things, and I was so excited that he got to experience all of these cool things! Jack, of course thought it was awesome, and I could see the wheels in his head turning as his imagination ran wild as he climbed on helicopters, tanks, fire engines and other cool vehicles! As you could probably guess if you know my kid at all, he was amazed by the helicopters, which he thought was the coolest part, and since they had three helicopters there, many vehicles got overlooked due to the tunnel vision that occurs when a three-year-old has his favorite thing in sight! He was so proud of himself as he sat in the helicopters, and he announced to everyone he saw that he was in a real helicopter!

As you can see, he was incredibly excited about those cool helicopters! Here are some pictures from that day...

This last picture cracks me up... when my dad lifted him up to see the warship replica, Jack looked at the guns that were poking out of the ship and said "Oh, look at the tiny Light Sabers!"

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