Sunday, June 27, 2010

Feeding His Obsession

Yes, I know. He's never going to get over his obsession with trains if we keep doing cool stuff like taking him to Travel Town! but you know what? That is perfectly fine by me: trains are cool! And it's just one of the many perks about being Jack Jack's mommy- I get to play trains with him every day, listen to the fun train-related things he comes up with (this kid's imagination is seriously amazing!) and watch the excitement and pure awe on his face when he gets to experience things like this:

And this:

And this:

And this:

Travel Town itself was pretty fun... we thought that they were going to let us climb on more trains then just the one engine and the one car, but we still had a great time. How could we not when Jack was so thrilled to finally be able to go to Travel Town! We had driven by it about a month ago but weren't able to stop... he's been looking forward to this ever since then!

He absolutely loved every inch of that place. Even the sidewalk that had a track painted on it... he followed the track, chugging along, and when he got to where the paint had faded away he yelled "Oh no, mom! I better stop or I'm going to de-rail!"

He was so thrilled to be able to see how a coupler worked up close, and he even got to work it himself (with grandpa's help).

He and grandma spied a railroad crossing...

...and he taught her all about how the arms worked to keep the cars safe!

Grandpa tried to turn my sweet boy into an outlaw, too!

Jack's favorite part of the day, though, was that he got to ride the little train that circled Travel Town! He takes train riding very seriously, and I sat right in front of him so that I didn't miss a second of watching (and taking pictures of) him enjoying the train!

Jack had so much fun looking at all the trains and playing on the tracks that I was very surprised that he was able to focus enough to eat his lunch! Of course, he talked about trains the whole time!

Trains, and Sammy-Wammy... another of his obsessions!

After lunch it was right back to walking on the train tracks and checking out the trains!

Of course, the train obsession was put on pause very briefly, when Jack Jack spied a helicopter flying overhead

But then the little Travel Town train chugged by and Jack forgot all about it, making a beeline for the fence (and cracking up the passengers on the train!) so that he could watch the wheels go around up close! It was so funny! He ran so fast to the fence and when he got there he completely froze, not registering anything but the clickety-clack of the wheels going over the track!

And of course, he wanted to go ride it again! He knew that grandpa had promised to take him on the little train one more time, so he ran back to where grandpa was taking a nap on the grass and practically jumped on him to wake him up! "Wake up, grandpa! Let's go ride the train!"

Austin, Luke, Sam and McKenna (and company) also had fun at Travel Town! Here are some more photos of all of us enjoying our day:

And finally, all of our little Travel Town Travelers, cooperating very nicely!
Samuel, Luke, Jackson, McKenna, and Austin


  1. Those are some awesome pictures!!!

  2. I love looking at your blog! Keep posting it so I know you put up something new. Chris