Friday, June 25, 2010

Memorial Weekend, Part One: Saturday

On Memorial Day weekend my sister decided that she wanted to go to the zoo, so my mom and I busted out our passes and we took the boys and my dad with us!

It was Sam's first trip to the zoo (you know, outside my uterus), so I wanted to make sure that I got some pictures of him enjoying himself!

Jack's favorite exhibit was the elephant exhibit, which has been closed for the past two years! How can that be his favorite if it's closed? Why, because they are constructing a new facility, of course! He loved see the bulldozers and skip loaders and other cool machinery at work!

He also loved the mist sprayers... this was the first time they had been turned on since getting our passes and I knew he'd enjoy that. He's such a water kid!

He did have fun looking at the traditional zoo exhibits (read: animals), too, even if they weren't as exciting as the bulldozers and misters.

This was really the first time that Luke really noticed and appreciated all of the animals, and I was really glad that my sister got to be there for that since usually my mom and I take him while Amy is working. It was really fun to watch his reaction to the animals!

Luke really enjoyed having his mommy there, too!

Now, I usually don't take pictures of animals, but I just had to take a picture of this Orangutan! She had stuck her arm through her rope-net cage and had a stick in hand. It took us a second, but we realized that she was trying to get a leaf that was in the water! I thought it was pretty smart of her :)

After lunch all the boys were tired, so we put all of them in the stroller, and two of them fell asleep!

And then, before heading home, we visited Jack's other favorite part of the zoo. The hand-washing station just outside of the petting zoo.

Have I mentioned how much that kid loves water?

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