Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Marching In May

I'm not sure that Jack really understood what a parade was (although I'm probably wrong, as Ang tells me "Your kid understands everything!"), but he was really excited to get to sit with grandma and wave an American Flag!

He sat and waited, but he didn't have to wait too long before he started pointing and getting super excited!

He had so much fun watching each part of the parade! He clapped for everyone and waved to everyone (except for the guy that started waving back to him!). He loved the marching bands and every time they came by he'd clap and start marching in place, and then tell grandma and/or grandpa to march, too!

Can you guess what he spied here, that cause him to nearly spasm out as he climbed all over my dad to get a better peek? That's right... a helicopter!

He was so stoked on that helicopter! It kept coming around and around again and he had his eyes glued to it every time it came around! He kept calling it "My Helicopter!" because he had gotten to "fly" it the night before!

Sam was mostly oblivious to the fun that was going on... he was content to have his daddy with us!

I wasn't sure if the parade would hold Jack's attention... it is a long time for a three-year-old to sit and watch stuff... but I needn't have been concerned... Jack really had such a great time, and he kept asking "What's next?"

And just in case you're curious, cause I know you're not, my favorite part of the parade, aside from watching Jack Jack experience it, was the Army's fire engines! They rolled down the street spraying kids, and it was cold! Of course, if they had gotten us wet I'd probably say that was my least favorite part, but luckily the sweet kids that we were with listened to me when I told them to go stand in front of other people and asked to be sprayed! Sorry, strangers! Have to keep my camera babies dry!

Thank you, Shelly, for saving seats for us and letting us join you! We had such a great time!!!

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