Saturday, June 26, 2010

Memorial Weekend, Part Two: Monday

On Monday I loaded the boys up and took them over to my sister's house for a swim day! We had so much fun- I even put Sam's swim outfit on him, even though we didn't put him in the water. He looked pretty adorable sitting poolside watching his big brother and cousin play! He wasn't sure about that hat, though.

I brought our baby floatie for Baby Luke to borrow (best floatie EVER!), and he loved it! He had a lot of fun splashing himself and his momma!

Jack was so excited that grandpa was able to come, too! He had so much fun swimming with him!

Jack is still really brave about putting his head under the water. In fact, by the end of the day he was doing it all by himself! He is so proud of himself and I love to see that huge smile on his face!

Sam was such a good boy to share mommy with Jack Jack- he let grandma hold him while mommy swam.

And he even let her lay him down for his nap... and he slept for twice as long as usual!

Luke also had such a great time swimming...

... that he was pooped, too!

And grandma was in heaven being on grand-sleeping-baby duty! This is why we keep her!

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  1. I do love being grandma to the most beautiful babies ever!
    Love, grandma