Friday, December 31, 2010

I Don't Like Pumpkin Patch Pictures A Little Less

Ang and I had initially planned that we'd visit the pumpkin patch all together, but it didn't work out this year.  We wanted to go on a day that Dave could go and Ang wanted to wait and go on a day that some of our other friends could go, so we went ahead and went without her.  As it turned out, those other friends couldn't join her after all, and so Ang didn't get to go to the patch at all as it was too far to be worth going by herself.  Instead, we decided to go together to a local parking lot patch.  Jack was excited to get to go to a pumpkin patch again, and this one had different activities than the one we had gone to the day before!
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Jack really liked seeing the horses.  He didn't really want to touch them at first, but they sure were interested in him! I told him it was because he smelled like waffles and bananas (his usual breakfast).

Jack had a lot of fun looking at all the pumpkins and seeing the scarecrows.  He liked that the pumpkins were in rows and he started walking over them as though they were his railroad track!
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When Ang finally got there, Austin and Jack wanted to go in the bounce house!

Sam seemed content to just sit in his stroller the whole time.  He was tired, but really didn't want to nap, so instead, he just chilled...

... and the older boys rode ponies!  Jack was really excited to get to ride the ponies, and even though he was a little disappointed that he couldn't ride the big horses.
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After pony rides, Ang, Austin and McKenna fed a horse, and then the boys found some more animal pens.  There were cows and pigs and more horses and ponies!  Jack liked the cow, and Austin liked the pony (which he kept calling a cow).  The pony was very interested in Austin, too, and he kept trying to stick his nose through the slats every time Austin came by.

Then we tried the petting zoo.  If you can even call it a petting zoo.  Those poor animals must have had quite enough of kids messing with them, because they spent the whole time running away from the boys!  And poor Austin... one of the goats headbutted him when he got too close (I got a picture of it, too!)!  Luckily the goat was still sitting down and didn't hit the little guy square on.  Austin is a peanut, so if he had gotten him the poor kid definitely would have gone flying!  Jack is a lot bigger than Austin, so the goat didn't try to headbutt him, but he certainly got a great workout trying to stay away from him!  He did manage to get him once, but as soon as he realized that Jack had snuck up on him, he took off again!  It was really frustrating for the boys, though, to not be able to pet any of the animals, so they were really appreciative that the llama held still for them.  Austin enjoyed petting him, but Jack pet him once and declared that the llama was "too hot" and he wanted to leave the petting zoo (I guess the llama's fur was warm because it was basking in the sun...?  Anyway, Jack didn't like that). 

After that, we rode the ponies one more time before it was time to go home for lunch (his silly face was because he was telling me "But I thought I was going to ride the horse, not the pony!")

We had a fun time, and I was glad that we had decided to go.  The different activities were really fun for Jack, and he really enjoyed having his little buddy Austin there!  Next year, though, we are going to plan the pumpkin patch trip ahead of time!


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