Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Haunted Halloween Houses

Oh one of our many trips to Target (the happiest place on Earth), my mom found a Haunted Mansion Gingerbread House kit that she wanted to make with the boys.  So one day after one of our mornings at the library, we headed over to her house to eat lunch, play, and build the "Halloween House".  As soon as lunch was over and Luke went down for his nap, we got started!

First, Jack helped grandma mix the black and orange icing!  He really enjoys mixing things (he's no longer afraid of the mixers!) thought it was really cool how the white powder magically turned colors when the water was added!
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Then grandma and Jack looked at the "map" to figure out which piece was supposed to go in which spot...

And Jack was so anxious to get started, that they decided that instead of building the house and then decorating it, they'd just decorate it.
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They squeezed that bag so hard that it popped and oozed all over grandma's hand!  Jack had a great cleanup solution, though...

After the bag burst, they decided that the best plan would be for grandma to do the squeezing...
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... and Jack to do the candy placement!

They were a great team! 

Meanwhile, Sam was having a great time playing with all of grandma's toys without worrying about his clumsy big brother train chugging by and stepping on him!

This is not the final version of the house, but this is what it looked like when Jack was done.  

After he finished, grandma went back and emptied the icing bags onto the pieces to fill in all the blank space on top.  There was a lot of icing.  And Jack loved it!  We designated one of the cookies (they never made it into 'house' form) as his cookie so that he wouldn't randomly pick at all the pieces and limited his destruction to just one cookie.  And boy did he pick that piece apart!  He was quite the mess when it was all over!

I had so much fun watching the two of them build that house, and they had even more fun building it!

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