Sunday, December 19, 2010

Going To The Librrrrrrrrary!

One of my favorite childhood memories is visiting the library! I used to get so excited when it was time to pick out new books to read, and I'd sit at the base of the bookshelves reading book after book. It was always so hard for me to narrow down which books I wanted to borrow (my mom set a limit), and so I'd try to read the ones I wanted to borrow but didn't have room for before it was time to go home. I adore books. I adore reading. I want my kids to love it as much as I do! So naturally, in addition to reading to them all the time, this October I started taking them to Story Time at the library and got Jack signed up for his very own library card!

Story Time was really fun!  First, Miss Pat leads the kids in singing songs (action songs to get the wiggles out!), and then she starts reading the first of three books that go with the theme for the week.  Jack's favorite song that we sing is "Hop, Hop, Hop and STOP!"  After that we sing another song, read another book, and then it's time for Shakey Eggs!  Jack and Luke love that part, too, of course!  Sam thinks the eggs are cool, too!

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Then we read the last book, and sing the last song before Story Time is over.

After Story Time, we get to color!  Jack is usually more interested in sorting the crayons than actually coloring.

After coloring, we read some more books and choose some to take home with us!
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I let Jack choose two books to take home with us. Guess what kind of books he always chooses? That's right... train books!  And those cartoon-y kid train books are not for our Jackson!  Oh, no! Our Jackson-Train wants to read books about real trains!  The first book he chose to read? A very lengthy, very wordy book called Trains: The History of the Railroad.  We did manage to convince him to get one book that was geared towards kids, but he definitely preferred to read the real book!  It didn't take long for him to be able to tell me all about the history of the railroad, either!
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I am so happy that Jack loves the library almost as much as I do!

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