Thursday, December 16, 2010

Having A Locomotive For A Son Is Quite Entertaining!

Everywhere he goes, Jack's arms are constantly pumping around and around, doing "The Locomotion" and he's always chugging in the perfect cadence to reflect his current rate of speed.  His imitation of a steam train is uncanny, complete with a big puff of air when the train comes to a complete stop, relieving his air-brakes of the pressure. Anywhere I try to go, I have to avoid stepping on the little engine in front of me, as he says "Hop on the train and I will chug you over there!"  I get a lot of giggles from strangers that happen to be nearby when we're out and I accidentally call Jack "Steam Train Jackson" and he responds, "NO mom!  I'm a DIESEL train today!"

Having a Locomotive for a son really is quite entertaining- everyone should have one!  But, since not everyone is as fortunate as I, here are some of the fun things that moms of Locomotive-boys get to hear and/or say:

Me: Jack, come here so that I can fix your messy hair [that is always always always standing straight up no matter what I do]!
Jack: No, mom!  Don't mess up my smokestack!

Jack: Oooof (followed by a big crash)
Me: Are you okay?
Jack: (holding his foot) Oh mom, I think I hurt my wheel!

Me: Excuse me, Steam Train, but we are in Target and you need to be a little bit quieter, please!
Jack: Okay, I will use my inside whistle! Woo Wooooo!!!

Jack (observing a little girl letting go of her daddy's hand and running, with the daddy chasing her): Oh no!  Her car got uncoupled!

Me: Jack, you need to go back in your bed now, please!
Jack: Mom, you mean I need to go back in my roundhouse!

Me:  Jackson, I need you to stand right there and DO NOT move!
Jack: But mom, a train has got to chug!

Me: Jack, did you know that you're my favorite big boy in the whole world?!
Jack: Mom, you mean I'm your favorite big train in the whole world!

Me: Jack, can you put this with the dirty clothes, please?
Jack: (blank stare)
Me: Jackson, will you PLEASE put this with the dirty clothes?
Jack: (blank stare)
Me: Jack the Steam Train, will you please put this in the dirty clothes?
Jack: Okay, I will chug this right on over there!

Jack (blocking my path with a lightsaber): Ding Ding Ding Ding!
Me: Jack, please move the lightsaber so that I can go by.
Jack: No mom, it's not a lightsaber.  It's a railroad crossing arm!  There is a train going by and you have to wait for it to pass!  You have to be safe!

Me: Jackson-Train, will you please put your arms inside your sleeves so that I we can get going?
Jack: Mom, these are not my arms. These are my drive sticks, remember?
(Walking at the store, Jack the Steam Train's chugs get slower and slower until he finally lets out a lot of steam and stops moving)
Me: Jack, come on we have to get going!
Jack: Mom, I can't!  My water tank is empty! I can't make steam!

Me: Okay Jack, it's time to go!
Jack: All right!  Let's hit the rails!

I adore my little Jack-Train ;)

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  1. LOVE your little locamotive!