Saturday, January 1, 2011

Again With The Blue

Even though we went to the pumpkin patch twice in two days, I just couldn't bring myself to purchase pumpkins at their outrageous prices!  So instead I took the boys to the grocery store and let Jack pick whichever pumpkins he thought each of us would like.  He picked a huge "Big Daddy Pumpkin" for Daddy, a nice sized "very circle" pumpkin for mommy, a "little like a baby and a long stick" pumpkin for Sammy Wammy.  He still hadn't found a pumpkin for himself, though, even when I started picking up pumpkins and trying to "sell" him on each one.  He looked like he knew exactly what he was looking for and that he was absolutely certain that he'd find it, but still he rejected every single pumpkin that we saw.  Finally I asked him "Jack, what kind of pumpkin do you want?"  I should have asked him at the beginning, because as it turns out, the solution was easy! "Mom, I don't want an orange pumpkin, I want a white pumpkin!  But I don't see any white pumpkins here, so let's find them!"  So, we made our way to the other side of the Fresh Fruits & Veggies section and found the perfect white pumpkin for Jack!  I was curious, though, why he wanted a white pumpkin, and so on the way home I asked him.  "Because there is not a blue pumpkin, but I can paint this one blue!"

And paint it blue he did!

We, of course, invited my mom and sister and Luke over for pumpkin painting, and we had a lot of fun!  Jack was very diligent about painting the pumpkin blue, and we managed to convince him to use a few other colors as well!  Luke wasn't incredibly interested in painting the pumpkin, as he really enjoys running around in our fun backyard, so Amy painted most of it for him.  Sam, of course, was too young to paint (he was more interested in chewing on the stem) so I painted his pumpkin for him.

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After we finished painting pumpkins we took a break for lunch and to get the cars ready for Trunk Or Treat.  Dave had a great plan for his truck which involved a smoke machine... Jack had a great time watching him try to figure out how to work it!

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