Monday, January 24, 2011

Learning New Skills!

Sam had been scooting and rocking all over the place since he was 4 months old, but when he was 8 months old he added a new skill to his repertoire... crawling!!!  I was deeply amazed when he first started dragging himself across the room... having a mobile baby (or even one that moved at all!) was a totally new experience for me!  Dragging himself lasted for 2 days, and by the third day he was up crawling like a pro!  And, with his newfound skills I had another new experience... baby-proofing!  I never had to baby proof anything with Jack Jack, but Sam is interested in all the things he shouldn't be!  I am definitely enjoying this new experience.  It isn't easy, but it is so fun watching him explore!

Here is a video taken on day 2 of crawling... the "Grab and Drag" I call it.  I was actually trying to get a video of him rocking back and forth on his knees because he was laughing so hard while he was doing it, but he was more interested in getting to the camera!

And here is a video of the first day of actual crawling.  I was trying to get a video of the crawling, he was more interested in bouncing his butt to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Theme Song.

Both of my kids learned to pull themselves up before they learned to crawl... unfortunately I wasn't able to get a video of Sam pulling himself up when he started doing it.  I did happen to have the video camera handy once when I noticed that he was already up, though!  

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