Sunday, January 2, 2011

Finishing Up October

This year I was going to let Jack pick, again, what he wanted to be for Halloween.  Also, since Jack, at a very large 6 months, required a Halloween costume in size 18 months, I wasn't able to reuse Jack's first costume and had to come up with something for Sam!

It was really hard to get Jack to pick what he wanted to be for his first Halloween. He knew, though, that Sam should be a bee and he told me that every single time I asked him. However, he kept telling me that he wanted to be "nothing" for Halloween, and when I told him that if he didn't wear a costume then he couldn't get any candy he said that he didn't want candy! I couldn't figure out how to get him to change his mind and participate in Halloween... that is, I couldn't figure it out until one day when we were reading his Waldo book. He gets to excited to read Waldo, and he can pick Waldo out on the pages before I can even start reading the words on the page! On this particular day he was talking about Waldo's hat and shirt and that he liked them, so I said "Jack, you could have a hat and a shirt like that and you could be Waldo for Halloween!" He got so excited and smiled and said "Oh yes, I would love to be Waldo for Halloween! I was thrilled that he finally made a decision and that we finally had a plan, and I called my sister to ask her to make the hat and set about getting the rest of the pieces of the costume... and we had a Waldo! 

He absolutely loved his costume and he really surprised me that he wore the hat and glasses the entire night!  He even refused to return the glasses that night, telling us "No, I need them to see!" and when we got home that night he told me "I'm not ready to take off my costume yet, I still want to be Waldo a little while longer!"

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Jack got his way about Sam's costume, too!  We ended up finding a very cute bee costume, and Sam surprised me by also leaving it on the whole night!!!  Luke's costume was a little tight around his face, though, so he didn't wear the hood all night, but he was definitely the cutest dragon!
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Jack got a kick out of everyone recognizing him... all night people would shout "I found him!  I found Waldo!"  or "I can't ever find him in those books so it's nice to see him walking around out here!"  Jack loved the attention and he made us call him Waldo or Waldo-Jackson all night!

We were going to go to the Reformation Carnival at my parents' church, but first, we had to stop next door to trick-or-treat at Grammy's house!

The first thing we did when we got to the Carnival was to set up Dave's truck for Trunk-Or-Treat.  His design was a Fire Station that was on fire, and he did a great job!  I was so proud of him!
Then I took the boys over to the game area!  Jack had a blast with the games, but mostly he loved the bounce house and slide!
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(I just realized that I when I hurriedly made that  .GIF file I forgot to rearrange the frames so it looks like he's sliding up the slide!  Oops! Oh well!)

After the games it was time for Trunk-Or-Treat!  Here is a picture of Dave's design in action.  I thought it was the best one there, and others agreed... he won a prize!!!

Amy also made a Trunk-Or-Treat, and her car was definitely the cutest one there... she decorated her trunk as a Dragon's Lair and Luke stood in the middle of the cave, dancing!  I didn't get a photo of him actually dancing, but he sure was having a blast!

We definitely had a fun Halloween! 

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