Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Babies' First Swim Day

Dave's first day back to work was on a Saturday. It happened to be really warm that day, so my sister called and invited us over to witness Luke's first time in the pool! It would also be Sam's first poolside experience! Jack was so thrilled to get to go swimming, and didn't even mind that I had to squeeze him into the 4T swimsuit and rashguard that he had worn last year since I hadn't quite gotten around to purchasing a new suit for this swimming season. As excited as he was, though, he was still such a good boy and waited patiently while we took a few pictures before he was allowed to go in.

Luke, 7 months old

He gave me one "cheese" before asking "Can I go swimming now, please?"

And he was so excited when it was finally time to get in...

That he looked right at me and he SMILED!!! Even though he totally knew that I had the camera!

And then it was Luke's turn! (look, Amy! I included you in my blog again! And you're not headless!)

Luke wasn't quite so sure what to think of the water at first, but he did know that it was c-c-c-cold!!!

He tolerated it well enough for about 8 minutes, and then he reached his limit. Luckily, though, grandma had thought ahead and suggested that we bring along his bath duckie for him. His mommy blew it up, filled it with warm water from the jacuzzi, and he was in heaven!

Jack was having a great time, and insisted that the water wasn't too cold for him...

But after Luke got tired and vacated his duckie, Jack discovered the joy of warm water, and took over Luke's tub!

In the meantime, Sam and I set up camp in the shade next to the pool.

We had a lot of fun sunbathing and trying to work out some of Sam's jaundice

Since I had my 50mm lens on I couldn't take a full body pic of Sam to show off how big he was getting. Fortunately my mom had left her P&S camera within my reach and I was able to get one with her camera!

And while I was at it...

I figured I might as well prove that I was there, too (check out the nice contrast between my pasty-whiteness and Sam's olive-y jaundice!)

Sam slept and soaked up some rays while we ate a picnic lunch...

And grandma and grandpa took the opportunity to get a photo of themselves with all three of their handsome grandsons, even though Jack was in his undies and wouldn't put down his cookie long enough to smile (and probably wouldn't have smiled even if he hadn't been concentrating on eating that cookie!)

We all had such a fun time, and couldn't wait until the next time! I can't wait until Sam is big enough to go in this summer!

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