Saturday, April 24, 2010

Jesus And Jelly Beans

He Is Risen! (I was going to use that as my post title but I realized I used it last year! Still, I can't not say it!)

Easter Sunday was such a fun day! I was extra excited this year because it was Sam's first Easter, and this year Jack was old enough to actually start to understand the real meaning behind Easter: Jesus' death and resurrection. He still doesn't quite get the why and the what for about it, but he knew that all of our fun celebrating was about Jesus even if he felt more excited about celebrating the jelly beans.

First on the agenda that morning: Easter "Sunrise" Service... at 10:00am! Our church service takes place at 5:30pm on normal Sundays, so to us, 10:00am is early! Dave and I got the boys dressed and headed on over. Upon exiting the car I paused in order to take the opportunity to take pictures of the boys, of course, in front of the beautiful view. Our "Sunrise" Service is held in the front yard of a home in PV- what better way to enjoy an Easter service than to be outdoors enjoying creation by overlooking the ocean!

After church we headed home to hunt for the eggs that the "Easter Bunny" left in the backyard! My parents and my sister and baby Luke came over again to join in the hunt! After Jack investigated the goodies in Sammy's and his Easter baskets (and he insisted that Sam wanted to share the choo choo train that was in his basket!), Jack and Luke got ready to hunt! Okay, so Luke really didn't do much hunting, but Jack totally enjoyed himself since there was no competition for eggs and he could go as slowly as he wanted to! Next year, he'll have two little boys to share them with, as Luke and Sam will be old enough to participate!

Jack got 48 eggs, and Luke got 2. I think that Luke was completely satisfied with his 2 eggs.

After our egg hunt, we headed over to Auntie Sandra's house, as usual! We love going to her house for holidays, and Jack gets very excited when I tell him that we get to go to Nana's house! Pretty soon, Sam will, too!

Jack was thrilled when Grandmother Eileen (Auntie Sandra's mother-in-law... she's like a bonus grandma and we love her) gave him a white chocolate bunny! He started getting very silly and making funny faces as he ate it!

And then it was time for the Easter Egg hunt! We hunt for real eggs (the ones we had dyed the day before) at Nana's house. Jack is allergic to eggs, though, so they didn't hold any great draw for him. Once he realized that these eggs were not plastic and full of candy like the ones that the "Easter Bunny" left at our house, he lost interest.

After the Egg hunt we attempted to get a picture of all the great-grandkids together with Grammy... Emmaleigh and Luciano were the only ones that were cooperating, though, and that's because at 13 and 6 1/2 they were the oldest! Even Sam didn't want to cooperate, as he was having a hard time sleeping through all that racket! It's no surprise that Jack was more interested in playing with the cars than he was in having his picture taken. He's always more interested in anything else than he is in having his picture taken.

There is no better way to celebrate the Resurrection than together with family, and I am so excited for the day when my boys will be able to fully understand the reason that we are celebrating! For He is risen, just as He said!

He is risen indeed! Hallelujah!

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