Wednesday, April 14, 2010

So Much Love

Since Sam has such extended jaundice, I often strip him down and put him by the window so that he can absorb those important rays that are supposed to help him work out all that bilirubin. One day in particular the light was just too perfect, so I pulled out my camera in order to get some pictures. I particularly wanted to document three things: his most recent wound from his battle with jaundice, the adorable dimple on his buttcrack (teehee!), and his super-adorable face!

The first two photos I managed to pull off without a hitch (note that you can see a few of his scars on his other foot from previous blood draws)...

But by the time I got those out of the way and set about getting a shot of my littlest man's changing looks, big brother had noticed that little brother was awake.

And I was forced to change my objective, from getting a nice portrait of my little Sammy.. documenting an extreme case of brotherly love

After all, I couldn't ask Jack to get out of the shot!

All he wanted to do was love on his little brother!

And his desire to always be near his little brother just melts my heart!

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