Saturday, April 17, 2010

"It Was The Man!"

This year the texture of Jack's hair changed from soft, wispy curls to coarse, straight hair that stands straight up and cannot be tamed. And by "cannot be tamed", I mean the only way to get it to cooperate is to pour a bucket of water over his head, comb it down, and then use super duper strong incredi-hold hairspray. I hate hairspray. And so I had the kid with the constantly unkempt hair. I mean, I'd comb it, but it always looked like I hadn't. There was pretty much no point in combing it, but I always felt like I should at least try to take care of it, even if no one could tell that I had.

Two weeks ago, knowing that I would want to take a ton of pictures on Easter and Jack's birthday, I decided that Jack needed a haircut. His head was starting to look like what I'd imagine the battleground of an epic war between a mohawk and a mullet would look like. If hairstyles could fight wars, that is. But oh, what to do about that hair?! It was going to stand straight up no matter what length it was, right? And so, I decided that if I couldn't beat that hair... I might as well join it.

And I got him a mohawk.

Okay, so it's actually a faux-hawk. I couldn't bring myself to let them shave the sides of his head. Unfortunately, I decided to take him to the barber shop at the last minute and didn't bring my camera. Fortunately, though, I decided this right after we left Target, where I had just purchased a new Flip video camera! So I have a video of Jack's very first trip to the barber shop (couldn't stress poor grandma out, as she had never done a faux-hawk before and wasn't even quite sure what I was talking about when I told her about my idea).

As you can see on the video, Jack Jack did great with the haircut! When we got there he sat in the chair and waited for his turn. When one of the men finished his haircut and got out of his chair he said "Oh, he's done! Now he gets an M&M!" he did really well while the guy cut his hair, too. I was thinking he'd shy away from the dude, but he actually tried to engage him in conversation! He cracked me up, though... in trying to get the man's attention, he called him "Man" or "Guy".

"I see a barber pole! It's just like on Handy Manny! Hey, I see a barber pole, Guy! Man! I see a barber pole, Man!"

I love him.

And I love his haircut, too!

He likes it, too!

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