Monday, March 29, 2010


He's still yellow...

We got another bilirubin test done on Friday, and the results were pretty much the same as before: he's still jaundiced. His levels haven't gone down, but they haven't gone up, either. He isn't in the danger zone, though, so we're not going to torture him with any more blood tests, at least, not for a while. His pediatrician said that she's seen this kind of jaundice last through 2 months, so we should expect him to remain yellow for a while longer, but that it's not going to hurt him.

In the meantime, I'm still praying that his levels start to go down, trying to resist converting all the photos I take of him into black and white, and wondering what the chances are that some of the yellow is actually due to him inheriting his daddy's rich olive skin tone rather than my pasty white-ness! Now that's the kind of yellow I could get on board with! He does look very tan, doesn't he?


  1. adorable!
    love, his grandma

  2. He is absolutely beautiful. Its ok to say baby boys are beautiful, right? Because he REALLY, REALLY is! Love, Karen