Thursday, March 25, 2010

First Bath

Jack was very excited when I told him that Samuel was going to get his very first real bath!

He wanted to watch him get a bath, and he thought it was so funny when Sam cried!

Yes, Sam was very much not a fan of bathtime in the beginning! It was probably my fault, though- it's been a long time since I bathed a newborn! The second bath was much better, as all the baths have been since then. That first time, Sam cried when he was in the tub, and stopped after I got him out.

Since then, Sam doesn't cry when in the tub, but he sure does cry hard when its time to get out! I remember Jack was the same way- he hated his bath the first time, but once mommy figured out what she was doing, he loved it!

Wow, putting him up against my pasty white skin really shows how off his coloring was/is, doesn't it?! My poor, poor yellow baby! Jaundice is definitely not fun, but he is pretty freaking adorable no matter what color he is, right? Right. ;)

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