Thursday, March 4, 2010

Celebrating Samuel And McKenna

As you probably know, my friend Ang is due to have her sweet little McKenna exactly 5 weeks after I was due with Samuel. We had been having so much fun being pregnant together, and are so thrilled for our kids to have more friends to grow up with… Jack and Austin are such good friends, and we just know that Sam and McKenna will be, too!

Both Ang and I really wanted to have showers for our little ones- not that we really needed stuff for them, but we just really really wanted to celebrate our kids with our friends… and cake! We wanted to throw each other a shower, as each of us threw the other a shower for our first kids, but with our due dates being 5 weeks apart the timing was a little difficult. So, we decided to just hold our showers on the same day… at the same time… at the same place! We didn’t want to seem greedy that we were throwing ourselves a shower, though, so we recruited our friend, Ang’s sister-in-law Susan, to be our ‘cover’ and pretended that she was throwing the shower for us! I don’t think we ended up fooling anyone, though. Especially since we told everyone the truth any time the shower came up!

We have such a great group of friends, and we had such a fun time celebrating our little ones’ impending arrival with them! Ang and I had a great time preparing for the shower, too. We had so much fun designing the invitations, shopping, and planning the cake and food for it!

The Invitation

I had seen these Cake Balls on a cake blog that I follow, and ever since then I had been dying to make them! They were a lot harder to make than I thought they would be, but they sure were yummy!!!

The Cake! We had a fun time keeping everything even between pink and blue, and inside the cake was no exception… I made one of the layers pink and the other one blue!

The Hostesses/Guests of Honor

The babies! Ang is 32 weeks here and I am 37 weeks

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