Thursday, March 18, 2010

I Don’t Do Nutshells

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Now, back to our regularly scheduled post, in which I explain why I don’t do nutshells)

If you’ve been patiently (or not-so-patiently) awaiting Sam’s birth story, I apologize.  It is done, though, and it’s going to be up pretty soon!  Fair warning though, it’s long!  I mean really long.  How long?  Well, I typed it out in Word and it’s 7 pages.  Not only that, but you have to read Jack’s first in order for Sam’s to make any sense.  Don’t worry though, Jack’s is shorter!  Jack’s is only 5 pages in Word! 

I know, I know, I was not gifted with brevity.  At least not when things are important to me, that is.  I mean, in high school and college when I was given a paper to write that had a minimum-page requirement it seemed that I could always make my point very succinctly with many pages of room to spare.  I used to curse the gift of brevity at those times.  But, since I had to find material to fill the pages that were required, I learned how to incorporate more details than I considered necessary in order to stretch the paper (and as a result I am able to B.S. with the best of them… but that’s really another post).  The more I got used to adding details, the further away I got from the gift of brevity.  And it’s worse when I’m writing about something about which I want to remember the details! 

I definitely want to remember every detail of my sons’ births.

Okay, so I could write an extremely detailed version of the stories and then pare it down and post the important details, right?  But there is a problem with that… to me every detail is important!  And yes, I know that not all of you are going to want to hear the detailed account of when and where I lost my mucus plug(s) and which position I pushed in, but I know that there are some of you that do want to know the gross details, so I can’t leave them out! 

So, consider yourselves warned if you decide that you want to read my birth stories:

1) They’re long

2) They’re detailed

3) There is some gross stuff (but I did leave out the really gross stuff, so you should actually be happy!)

4) They’re amazing, and you might cry (Hi mom, again!)

5) They’re coming up next!  (I promise!)


  1. Rebecca, I am waiting patiently for the story... even tho' I went through it with you, well most of it... after reading your blog and being thoroughly entertained, I realize that my 3 kids are so smart and I don't know if it is because you sucked my smartness out of me while I was pregos with you guys?!? Any way, I look forward to reading your are very entertaining and very very funny!
    love, mom

  2. Thanks for adding that widget!! :) I've been stalking your blog for the birth stories!! I personally am one that likes the details! :)