Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Two Out Of Three, Sam's First Valentine's Day

Four days before Sam's first birthday was Sam's first Valentine's day!  Unfortunately (but not surprisingly, right?) Dave had to work so I couldn't spend the day with my main squeeze.  I had a great consolation prize, though, in that I got my other two Valentines all to myself!  We had a lot of fun that morning, starting off the day by snuggling together in my bed... just like we do every morning!  I also made sure to take pictures of the Valentine Jack made for me in Sunday School!

We played and talked about what Valentine's Day means, and we talked about ways to show people that we love them.  After our nice morning, we headed to the grocery store for exactly 4 items... 3 things I needed immediately in order to make Sam's birthday cake, and 1 very special item for a very special person.  After the grocery store (Jack's memory is absolutely amazing... he remembered every item on my list without me having to remind him!) we headed out to make a very special delivery.

Jack went into grandma's office and declared "Surprise! Your surprise is flowers, and ME!"  She was very happy to see us, and Jack was very excited to give her the flowers and his hugs and kisses!

And Sam was so excited that he even ventured out of a 3 foot radius of me and/or grandma!

We happened to get to grandma's work right before she was leaving on her lunchbreak, so of course we invited her to have lunch with us at the mall as a very special Valentine's treat!  We had a great time at lunch even though grandma had to rush back to work...

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And after lunch, we had even more fun!  Or rather, Jack did!  One of the reasons we went to lunch at the mall was so that Jack would ride the train!  Sam is too small, unfortunately, but he does enjoy watching his big brother ride on the train around the "jungle"!

Later that night my mom and dad stopped by to give the boys their Valentine's gifts.  I had mentioned how lately Jack had been enjoying pretending to be a superhero, and that he would say "I changed my name to Super Jackson- I'm a super hero!  I will save you: Super Jackson to the rescue!!!" and that it made me want to make him a cape... so she made him one for Valentine's Day!  He LOVED it!

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  1. This is so cute....you forgot to mention how he promptly stepped on the cape and fell. lol I need to shorten it but at the rate he is growing...I don't know.