Thursday, April 21, 2011

Celebrating Our Samuel, Part II: Baby Goats!

You can find Part I here.

The petting zoo turned out to be freaking awesome!  The animals were very obviously well taken care of, clean (aside from the sheep, who I was pretty sure must have been clean until she (he?) sat in a mud puddle right before it was time to go, so I didn't really count that) and very well behaved!  There were some unusual animals, and they were all really cool.  The coolest part (besides the kids enjoying themselves, of course) was the baby goats!!!  They had a bunch of 4 day old baby goats and they were the cutest, softest, cuddliest things ever!!!  Pretty sure at some point each and every mommy (and probably a couple of the daddies!) thought about hiding one in her pocket to take home!  Needless to say, they were the hit of the petting zoo!

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The other animals were popular, too!
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Even my tough guy husband was loving the animals!

Luke was probably the only one who wasn't enthralled by the animals... he was more interested in the hay!
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But it didn't take long for him to get over the hay and realize how fun the animals were!
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But Sam?  He loved the animals!  He was definitely not enjoying the crowd of people, but he was all over the animals- especially the goat, who loved him back and even gave Sam some kisses!
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The petting zoo was definitely a good idea and a great way to celebrate Sam's birthday!
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To be continued... again... with pony and donkey rides!


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