Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Little Stinkers

Sam wanted my phone.  Sam is not allowed to play with my phone.  I put it on the couch, pushed back against the cushions and well out of his reach.  Then I walked out of the room.  When I came back, it seemed that Sam had given up trying to get my phone and instead was playing with his beloved school bus. 

He put one knee on and scooted the bus sideways...
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Once he got it to the couch he turned and stood up on it (staring at me with an Oh yeah, mom? Watch this! look on his face)...
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And he leaned...

And came down successful. 

Sam has proven time and time again that he is new territory.  I mean, you see this kid?  This awesome big brother of Sam's?
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He did NOT prepare me for stuff like this... Jack never climbed, always understood that no means no, and just generally was a Yes, ma'am whatever you say kind of kid... you know, after her outgrew that horrible colic.  But now?  The little stinker totally eggs Sam on... I think he gets quite a kick out of Sam being brave enough to defy me, since Jack certainly isn't!

One thing is for certain, though... I love both of those boys so stinkin' much! Even if they are a couple of stinkers!!!

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  1. They indeed are very cute stinkers!
    And I love them!