Saturday, February 26, 2011

And Then The Firetruck Went To Rescue The Snowman Because The Tree Was On Fire!

 It is a Christmas tradition of ours to make sugar cookies! I save it for either Christmas Eve or the day before so that they're still good for when Santa comes.  Once again, because of Jack's severe egg allergy I made the dough my myself.  I'm hoping that he outgrows the allergy by next year so that he can help with that, too!  When the dough was sufficiently chilled and Sam was down for his nap, Jack and I got started on the cookies!  I wanted Jack to have some special cookies, so along with the Christmas cookie cutters I also pulled out the train, firetruck, airplane, etc...  When I showed Jack what we had, though, he said "But mom, I need a railroad track cookie!  And then I will make a train cookie and it will ride on the track cookie!"  So, the first cookie we made was a railroad track, which I ended up having to cut out myself since I didn't have a cookie cutter for that (if anyone sees a railroad track cookie cutter, point me in the right direction, please!).

After the track was made, I rolled out more dough and let him get to work.  He took my directions to make sure that the cutters didn't overlap very seriously,

as well as my instructions to press the cutter all the way down so that it would cut all the way through.

His cookie-transferring skills took a few tries, but he did a great job!

My favorite part, though, was when he started telling a story based on the shapes he was placing on the dough.  "The firetruck went to rescue the snowman because the tree was on fire!  Then the star shined on the snowman and the bell rang that the fire was all gone..."  I about died trying to keep my laughter in!

And of course, what he does every time I have something yummy baking

We had so much fun!  Oh, and the railroad track and train cookies?  He refused to eat them!  He played with them, and then asked to eat a different cookie!  He wouldn't eat any of the train-shaped cookies... I think, since, you know, he is a train, maybe he didn't want to be a cannibal?  Ya think?  ;) 

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  1. Very cute!
    love, grandma and grandpa