Sunday, February 27, 2011

It Never Snows In LA. So Santa, Don't Bring Me A Sleigh!

Dave had to work on Christmas Eve again this year, so the boys and I had a pretty low-key day.  I started out the day, of course, with a hilarious conversation with Jack!

Jack, running into my room: Mom, is it Christmas Eve?
Me: Yup!  It sure is!"
Jack (looking into the backyard): But I don't see any snow!
Me: Oh, dude we don't live in a city that gets snow, not even for Christmas.
Jack: Oh.  Well, maybe there is snow in the front yard! Come on, let's go check!

I died, of course.  We stayed in our PJs for a while and relaxed and played all morning and into the afternoon until it was time to get ready for church!  I got the boys in their matching shirts...
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They discussed how they will, 13 years from now, look back and roll their eyes at their mother making them wear matching shirts...

And then we went and picked up grandma to go to church.  After church, we went and picked up grandpa (who couldn't come to church with us due to responsibilities at his church) and had dinner, and then we drove over to Sleepy Hollow to check out the Christmas lights!!!  And Oh.My.Gosh but I can't believe that I forgot the camera!!!  I really wish that I had brought it, because I would have taken a video of Jack when we ran into Santa!  He was so funny!  He was joking with him and teasing him, and just cracking everyone up!  Here is an idea of how their conversation went: 

Jack: Hello Santa, it's me!  Jackson, remember?
Santa: Well, of course I remember you! What would you like me to bring you for Christmas, Jackson?
Jack: Oh Santa, you're so silly!  I already told you, I want the Chuggington toys!
Santa: Wow that sounds great! Are you going to be a good boy and go to bed tonight so that I can come to your house?
Jack: Um, yes Santa I will be a good boy- but listen! Ching ching ching ching!  Do you hear that?  Ching ching ching ching! What do you think that noise is?  Ching ching ching ching!
Santa: That noise? well... it, uh...
Jack: I think it sounds like Jingle Bells!  Ching ching ching ching!  Ha ha ha, Santa you're so silly!  Oh, Santa we made cookies for you but you can't have them until you come to my house!
Santa: Oh what kind of-
Jack: We made train cookies and snowman cookies and tree cookies and firetruck cookies, and jingle bell cookies and everything! 

They went on like that for so long, and I was dying at all the things Jack told him, and that he hardly let Santa get a word into the conversation!  So. Funny.

After walking through the Christmas lights, we didn't get home until just past the kids' bedtime, and while Jack was okay, Sam was DONE.  Unfortunately, since it was late and Sam needed to go to bed immediately, I wasn't able to give him his Christmas Eve gift (it is our tradition to give one gift- pajamas- on Christmas Eve).  Jack, on the other hand, got to open his gift as soon as I was done putting Sam to bed!  My parents stayed and played with Jack while I changed and nursed Sam and put him to bed, and then I gave Jack his jammies!  Let me tell you, that poor kid needed new jammies so badly!  His jammies were all from the Christmas before, and he had grown so much since then!  I couldn't wait to give him his new jammies- not only were they 5T and should fit him much better, but they were Thomas jammies!  And Jack LOVED them!

Except... they barely fit him!!!  My 3 year old was too big for 5Ts?!  Insane!  I knew that they didn't have any larger sizes in those same pjs though, and since I had assumed they'd fit him I had already taken the tags off, so he got to keep them.  I don't think I could have taken them back, though- he adores those pjs!  Oh, and FYI, I had also gotten him 4 other new pairs of 5T jammies... all of which he's stretching out!  I should have skipped 5Ts and gone straight to the big boys section.  But I've definitely been doing that ever since!

After Jack opened his jammies and put them on, I had him pick out some cookies for Santa,

Pour Santa some (rice) milk,

And then Jack and I set them out for Santa!  He was so serious about being careful with those cookies!

He was sooooo excited when he went to bed, and in the morning he came running into my room, with "Mom, is it Christmas?  Wait, I don't see any snow.  I don't think it's Christmas."  Poor kid looked so dejected!  Next year I'm special ordering a snowstorm right above my house!

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