Thursday, February 24, 2011

Carys Danielle

On December 22nd my newest cousin was born (we are still waiting on 3, one due April, one due May, and one due August)!  My cousin Danielle had we sweet baby girl!  We were thrilled for her, and I jumped at the chance to go visit them in the hospital!  I knew the boys wouldn't be able to go up to visit, though, so we tagged along with my parents so that we could tag-team visiting the baby and watching the boys in the waiting room.  I brought them lots of toys and snacks to entertain them, and we played while my parents visited Danielle and her baby Carys (CARE-iss).

And then, my dad came back down and took over boy-watching duties and I got my chance to go upstairs and meet our new cousin!

Proud mommy and new sweet baby!

I couldn't stay too long because I had to rush back down to feed The Samster, but it was so great to see them!  And on the way out, my mom set up a cute photo-op... at least, she had the idea for one.  Jack isn't the most cooperative photo subject, but he at least tried.  Outside of the hospital was flagpole with a bunch of statues saluting the flag.  My mom told Jack to pretend to be one.  He got the hand over his heart part of it... but didn't really get the look at the flag part.  Still, it was a cute idea :) 

Yay for new babies!  Gotta love that new-human smell!

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