Thursday, August 5, 2010

Smorgasbord... Again.

And I'm trying this again!

I really should be packing for Las Vegas. We're leaving tomorrow. And by we, I mean me, Jackson, Samuel, and my dad. One of my cousins and his wife is having a baby, and we're going out there for the baby shower! My mom is flying out on Saturday to meet us there, and I'm looking forward to showing the boys (well, Jack, really, as Sam won't know enough to care) some of the fun kid-friendly things to do on the strip. Dave isn't able to come with us, unfortunately, and I miss him already.

One of the reasons that Dave is unable to join us is because while we were gone on vacation last week, we acquired a very unwelcome house-guest (a mouse). Okay, that's not exactly true... I saw our unwelcome house-guest two days before we left on vacation, and we weren't able to do (much of) anything about it until after we got back. And because we weren't able to do anything, we're pretty sure that in the week we were gone, our house-guest invited a friend or two. Dave caught one, and we're hoping that we're wrong about there being more, but we're not holding our breaths. From Dave's description of the one he caught, I don't think it was the same one that I saw. Anyway, unless for some reason he doesn't get an over time and also changes his mind about taking advantage of the days without a three-year-old-that-gets-stuck-in-the-sticky-mousetraps (twice, by the way... poor kid. He is such a klutz!), Dave won't be joining us in Vegas.

He's still talking about joining us, though, because he really wants to bring the boat to Lake Mead. Oh, that's right, we bought a boat! More on that in an upcoming post, or a few upcoming posts, but we're super excited about it! Our vacation last week was our first trip out on the boat and I'm quite certain it was the most fun I've ever had at Shaver! Okay, it was the most fun I've ever had as an adult at Shaver. Cause I had a lot of fun when I was a kid, too.

Speaking of kids, have I mentioned how awesome mine are, lately? I'm sure I have, but it's definitely true that they are pretty freaking awesome. Sam is 5 1/2 months old, and he and Jack Jack still absolutely adore each other! They both are still pretty big momma's boys, too. Jack had Vacation Bible School at my mom's church this week, and I've been having to stick by him as a sort of security blanket. I really didn't want to do that, as I know it's important for him to learn to do without the momma, but after considering everything, I decided that while I really want him to be able to thrive even without me by his side, at this point, for this situation, it was much more important for him to participate with his class. I'd rather he learn to socialize and be in a classroom setting and absorb some of the bible lessons than learn that he doesn't need mommy with him all the time. At first I did leave him, but Jack's warming-up period is longer than most kids, and VBS is only a week long. If he was worried about mommy leaving him then he wasn't going to learn any of the lessons I wanted to teach him by having him participate in VBS. So I decided to stay, and I am glad that I did. Just knowing that I am there, Jack is able to feel more comfortable and absorb some of what I wanted to teach him by sending him to VBS... without me, that's just too much all at once for him. Tomorrow is his last day of it, and since we're leaving for Las Vegas right afterwards, hopefully I'll remember to bring my camera this time to take some pictures!!!

Oh, and speaking of pictures... remind me not to give Jack a blue/green fun-dip right before I try to get some pictures of them!
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And to make sure that there are no squirrels on the roof to distract them...

And to put Sam in a color that will disguise spit-up/drool!

I'm sure I had more that I wanted to include in this smorgasbord, but I'm tired, and I need to pack!


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  1. Beautiful boys! I read your post on the Blog Frog about who your kids look like. I'm amazed by how quickly the dark skin goes AWOL. My cousin's are 1/2 Peruvian and both married Caucasian men. My cousin Elisa's kids are pretty light skinned but still have brown eyes. My cousin Heathyr who is darker skinned than her sister had a very pale blue-eyed boy. She due with her second little baby so I wonder if she'll be real pale, too. She's hoping for some brown skin.