Friday, August 6, 2010

First Words

Jack was a super-early talker. He started talking when he was 5 months old and hasn't stopped since. I had been trying to do the sign-language thing with him, but that never really caught on with him, as he'd learn to just say the word rather than make the sign!

So far, Sam seems to be following in his big brothers' footsteps. He is now 5 months old, and he already has two words! On the day he turned 4 months old (yes, 4 months!) he started saying "Ah-boo!" which is his absolute favorite thing. A few days after he turned 5 months old he started saying ma ma! Of course, his version of ma ma sounds more like MUAH-meh, but I know that he really means me when he says it! I haven't gotten a good video of him saying ma ma yet (Jack always wants to watch movies whenever he sees my video camera and that totally drains the batteries- but I can't resist him!), but I have one of the day he first started saying Ah-Boo! I was taking his 4 month bunny picture (yes, I'm doing those for Sam, too- same bunny!), and I was trying to get him to smile when all the sudden he started telling me "Ah-Boo" right back! I quickly grabbed the camera and captured this:

(Note: Jack is asking if it is Christmas time because he had just seen his Christmas Train in the garage and he really wanted to play with it!)

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