Saturday, August 14, 2010

Another Playdate- Wilderness Park

I love Wilderness Park! I camped there many times when I was a little girl (with the Girl Scouts), and had many fond memories of campfires at the amphitheater and fishing for crawdads in the pond! We used to tie shoelaces to sticks, tie hotdogs to the shoelaces, and catch crawdads... of course, I used to get scared when I'd pull out my "fishing pole" to see a crawdad attached (they are creepy!!!!) and I'd shake the pole to get it off before I ever actually could catch any! But still, fun memories!

When I told Jack that we were going to Wilderness Park for a playdate, he was so excited. It wasn't until we were already halfway there that I realized that it had been too long since we'd been there, because he was telling me that he was so excited to go down the slide! Um... sorry buddy, it's not that kind of park! Don't worry though, he was still excited when I told him what kind of a park it was... a "lake" and ducks and turtles and a "spooky forest"?! Sign him up!
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He was really excited to get to feed the ducks. (Apparently the ducks and the turtles and the fishies all eat the same food. I think that's weird).
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Jack threw the food with such enthusiasm that he knocked himself off-balance... immediately after I took this photo, he was on his hands and knees in the muddy banks of the pond! I am so that that there was a big rock in front of him to keep him from tumbling straight into the water!

Luckily he wasn't injured, though, and kept right on feeding the ducks... he hadn't even dropped any of the duckfood in his hand! The poor klutz kid is so used to falling by now that it hardly even phases him. It's very common in our house to hear a big thud, followed by an "I'm okay, mom!" A couple of weeks ago he was in the bathroom and I heard a crash, and then Jack's voice "I'm okay, mom! I just fell off the potty chair! I'm alright!" Yeah, he can't even poop without falling down!

Jack was having so much fun feeding the ducks (and trying not to fall in the pond!) that he almost didn't notice when grandma got there with baby Luke!

Since I usually end up wearing Sam, I hardly ever get any photos of him when we're out and about. I'm trying really hard to remedy that by remembering to hand off my camera for someone to snap a photo of him! Unfortunately that means that I have to be in it, too, but at least now my kids will know that they really did have a mother when they look back at their childhood photos!

After we were done at the pond, it was time for our picnic lunch! Since Jack is the slowest eater in the world!!! I handed my camera off to Ang to get some pics of all the rest of the kids... who had finished their lunches long ago, and were done playing and ready to go home by the time Jack finished his sandwich, as usual.
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

After our friends left, we decided that we weren't done yet! So we made a quick visit to the other pond before heading home.

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  1. Love it. It was a fun day!
    love, grandma.