Friday, September 11, 2009

Jack's Little Buddy

This Wednesday, Jack and I were so excited because we got to watch Baby Austin for a few hours while his mommy had an appointment! You may remember from this post that Jack and Austin are pretty great friends. They have so much fun together, and I'm pretty sure that they are going to grow up and continue to be close friends.
First, they occupied themselves by playing cars. Jack was very proud of himself for being such a good sharer when Austin wanted to play with the car that Jack had. He'd turn to me every time they switched cars and tell me "I sharing with Baby Austin! I'm a good sharer!" And then when Austin would give Jack a car, that thrilled him even more! He'd turn to me and tell me excitedly "He share with me!"

I so wish that I had thought to charge the batteries in my other camera so that I could have gotten a video of them! They were cracking me up so much! They were having so much fun chasing each other around the house, and they'd giggle so hard as they were doing it! Austin would go one way, and Jack would say "Where Austin going?" and then Austin would turn around and crawl quickly back towards Jack, laughing hysterically when Jack would giggle and yell "He's gonna get me!" Then Jack would go one way, wait to hear Austin start to follow him (since Austin is only 11 months old he can't quite participate in the verbal part of the game just yet), and then he'd turn around and yell "I'm gonna get you!" And they'd both laugh hysterically as Jack raced back towards Austin. Cutest. Thing. EVER!

They spent some time playing with the refrigerator magnets while Jack tried to teach Austin his letters

Then Jack heard the street sweeper come by and had to go to the window to see it, as usual. Unfortunately, try as he might, Austin just couldn't quite see it.

Then we went outside to play! I had told Ang to pack Austin's swim trunks since it was a warm day, and the boys had so much fun playing in the water! Austin wasn't quite sure at first, but I put him in the middle where the water wasn't spraying onto him at all. He kind of batted at the stream at first, and then must have decided that it was pretty cool, because he started crawling in circles splashing all around! Jack loved sharing his 'pool' with Baby Austin, too!

I love watching Jack and Austin playing together! They seem to truly enjoy each other :)

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