Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I Heart Faces, Week 38- Blue

For this week's theme over at IHeartFaces, I decided to dig through the archives (read: my pre-blogging era) so that I won't be forcing you to stare at a photo that you've seen before. I found this photo in my January 2009 folder (just barely pre-blog, as I started this blog the following month!). This week's theme is "Blue", which I thought was such a fun and broad theme! The rules are that we have to feature the color blue in our photograph... there are so many ways to do this! Now, I admit, the photo I chose probably isn't the most creative way to showcase the color blue, but it certainly is my favorite way!

Don't forget to head over to IHeartFaces to see more photos that feature the color blue, and be prepared to be inspired!