Friday, September 18, 2009

Leaves Make Good Boats

Jack loves going to the park. Our favorite part of it lately, at least at this park in particular, is the pond!

Grandpa taught Jack to toss leaves in the water, so whenever he sees the pond, that's what he wants to do.

After Jack and grandma tossed them in at the top of the pond, we watched them to see if they would make it all the way down each little waterfall! A lot of them got stuck, but we kept tossing more in (and I gave them a little push as needed).

Then Jack decided that it would be awesome to stand on the bridge and throw the leaves in.

Unfortunately, the leaves had so long to go that the breeze would catch them, which made it hard for Jack to actually drop the leaves into the water...

And then, grandma came up with a solution!

Let's throw sticks into the water!

Oh yes, that worked much better!

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