Friday, June 26, 2009

Jack And Austin: Best Buds

On Wednesday, Ang brought Austin over for his 8 month photo shoot (even though he's going to be 9 months next week- hey, it's been a busy month!), and for babysitting! We had so much fun with him! Jack adores "Baby Austin" and Austin loves him, too! They are definitely Best Buds ;)

Austin LOVED the light saber... appropriate, too, because up until two weeks ago he had a long lock of hair on one side of his head that we lovingly referred to as his Padawan Braid

Jack was showing off to Austin, showing him how he climbed chairs "All by yourself!"...

showing off his beautiful big lips while making kissy faces...

and showing off his muscles ("so strong! big muscles!").

And no, Austin still wasn't quite done with that light Saber...
"Hey Jack, Have you seen that light saber?"

"Thanks, dude!"

"No prob, kid!"

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