Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day To Me!

Okay, yeah, so it's a little late for Mother's Day, but our new washer and dryer were delivered this morning! Yay! Our old washer and dryer weren't necessarily broken, but neither were they in good working condition. I mean, the washer worked fine, but it was a top loader with an agitator, didn't have that great of a wash capacity, was prolly 10 years old, and we were having a lot of issues with the soap not dissolving despite all our attempts at employing 'tricks' learned from my mother, friends, and Dr. Google. The dryer also worked, but it was about 100 years old (note: it is possible that I am exaggerating slightly), and while it did try the clothes, the opening was maybe 1 foot wide by 1 foot tall, had to run for hours upon hours in order to get the clothes dry enough, and occasionally decided to just stop in mid cycle- which meant I never knew if Jack's sheets/pjs/ducky would be ready in time for his nap/bedtime, or if Dave's uniforms would be ready in time for him to go to work.

I hated to spend the money on new ones when our old ones were still adequate. Even if they were obnoxious to use they still (more or less) got the job done. Dave and I both agreed that they were okay for now, though. But I did want new ones, so when Dave came home from work one day saying that we were going washer/dryer shopping I was thrilled! He said that he had been keeping an eye on the prices and that they were on sale right now! What with the situation with Dave's family, this really has been an unexpectedly expensive month for us and we really didn't want to be spending money right now. However, we figured that we might as well get this purchase over with before the machines do break on us and we have to buy more at a time when the machines may cost more!

After taking a trip to Home Depot to check out the floor models, we were torn between 2 sets. Both were front loading, which was the biggest thing that I was looking for in a new set. Only one (the less expensive one) had the ability to be stacked, but we weren't planning on doing that, so that didn't matter to us. The more expensive one had an extra foot of wash space and the dryer had a built-in-but-removeable drying rack, which I loved! I told Dave that either set would make me happy and I'd be thrilled with either... I really liked the more expensive one because of those two features, but I wasn't sure if it was worth the extra money, so he'd have to make the decision. So, say hello to my new washer and dryer!

They delivered it early this morning, before Dave got home from work. I told the guy that we didn't pay for installation because my husband said that he could hook it up himself, and he said "Okay, we'll the washer is no problem so I will go ahead and hook it up for you. For the dryer, all he has to do is... well..." then he winked at me and said "I'll just do that for you, too!" And then he said "Hey, you know this set up right here that you paid a little extra for me to fix for you? Yeah, that was a piece of cake, so I'm going to credit your account for that!" Awesome!!!

Seriously, awesome. Have I mentioned that we've had a lot of unexpected expenses this month? I love how God throws in an obvious blessing here and there, just to remind us that He's still in it with us.

Anyway, when Dave got home he double-checked all of the connections, let me put in a load (I had been saving my laundry all week so that I could use my brand new machines!!!), and sat on a chair, in the garage, in front of the washer while it ran! He used the excuse that he was just reading the manual while he checked to make sure it wasn't leaking, but I think that he really wanted to watch the clothes go round and round through the glass doors! I mean, you must admit, it is pretty cool!

"Oh, I see Jack Jack!"

"Oh look! And there's another Jack Jack!"

"I like the new washer!"

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